The Elements of Jurisprudence.

Sir Thomas Erskine Holland’s book The Elements of Jurisprudence has recently been reproduced by Biblio Bazaar as a historical reproduction.  The hard cover book sells for $1,827.93.

Interesting Facts and New Connections.


Harry Styles of One Direction, purchased Sir Thomas Erskine, 1st Baron Erskine’s house ‘ Evergreen Hills’ in Hampstead for £3,000,000. in September 2012.  Since Thomas Erskine’s death in 1823 the house and property has been called ‘Erskine House’ (see Found Art pages 32, 33).

In May 2016 Harry launched his own recording company called Erskine Records Ltd., and released his first solo album ‘Sign of the Times’ through the Erskine label under exclusive license to Columbia records .

Harry Styles is also the director of Erskine Touring Company LLP.

no fate no book

Without fate there would be no book.

Fate through a series of coincidences, has guided nearly every aspect in the creation, writing and publishing of my book Found Art of the Clans Erskine & Holland 1710—1965.

It began in 1970 when I was introduced to Thomas and Margaret Nesbit, friends of my parents. Over the years, I became close to Margaret through common interests in art, jewellery and Asian antiques, specifically Japanese netsukes, tsubas, inros, and paintings.

By 1990, Margaret had become dependent on me to help her with day-to -day activities. In 1997, I was her sole support and advocate. She had no children and I had become her surrogate daughter. She died in 2010 and left me all her tangible belongings.

My book focuses on most of the fifty-eight pieces that make up my collection of the Erskine and Holland family treasures that I inherited.

In 2010, several artifacts known to have belonged to family members mysteriously disappeared—paintings, rings, swords, and a watch. Where are they now?  Where is the stolen Wallace Box?

I hope readers of my book will be able to solve some of these mysteries.